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2021 Webinars

DATE: 12/10/21 (Click HERE to register.) Registration closes Thursday, Dec. 9, 5:00P.
TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 P
TOPIC: Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance 2021
Presented by the VA MGMA in collaboration with the WV MGMA and PA MGMA.
SPEAKER: Tim Hilton, Director, Practice Advising, PEAKE Technology Partners
Tim has a decade of experience in Data Security and IT infrastructure and now works for PEAKE technology partners as Director of Practice Advising.  At PEAKE, he works with practices on how they can better leverage their IT and make sure that their patient data is safe.  
Cyber Security insurance companies have seen nearly a 50% increase in claims in the last year and a half. As a result, they are changing the requirements for you to be able to have this near necessary insurance. Join Tim from PEAKE technology as he reviews the changes in the market and what you need to do to be compliant.

2021 Archives

TOPIC: Liability Issues Facing Today’s Medical Practice
SPEAKER: Nan Gallagher, Esquire
OVERVIEW: Healthcare and employment attorney, Nan Gallagher, provides cutting edge insightful guidance on key areas of risk to medical practices.  Ranging from state and federal administrative compliance, to employee complaints, to physician burnout and disruptive behavior, she describes the bounty of challenges to medical practices and helpful advice to help thwart them.

DATE: August 20, 2021 
TOPIC: Trust Nobody: Why 'Zero Trust' Is an Absolute Must!
Presented by the PA MGMA in collaboration with the WV MGMA and VA MGMA.
SPEAKER: Kris Osterhout, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Zekteck
OVERVIEW: With healthcare providers continuously under threat of cyberattack, it's time to learn how to keep your practice and your patients safe. Learn the most prevalent internal and external threats, and see how a zero trust mindset is the single best defense against those who want to do you harm.

DATE: July 16, 2021
TOPIC: Your Personal Strategic Plan: Prevent Burnout, Focus on Your Strengths & Craft the Career & the Life You Want
Presented by the VA MGMA in collaboration with the WV MGMA and PA MGMA.
SPEAKER: Dr. Mary Kelly, CEO, Productive Leaders
OVERVIEW: It is time to focus on YOU! Join us for this 1-hour program to figure out how to prioritize what is most important to you, recapture time in the day, and intentionally plan what you want to do.
This program celebrates your unique gifts, talents, and abilities while helping you figure out how to accomplish what you really want. We help you articulate who you want to influence and how you can move forward in positive ways.
Actionable Takeaways
1. Identify your strengths;
2. Recapture time and delegate (even when no one works for you);
3. Coalesce others for a happier work environment;
4. Triage your email and take back your email life;
5. Define your own personal mission statement;
6. Create your own personal vision statement;
7. Be confident that you are living your best life while helping others.
Participants Receive
* The 12-Month Business Success and Accountability Planner (online);
* The Your Personal Strategic Plan Workbook (this is the compendium workbook to the 2021 book,
     The Five Minute Leadership Guide) [online];
* The Daily Productivity Plan;
* The Weekly Productivity Plan;
* The 5-Minute Productivity Plan;
* The 5-Minute Goals Plan.

DATE: June 18, 2021 (PPT / Recording on Members Only Webinar Page)
TOPIC: The Information Blocking Rule: What to Know and its Relationship to Existing Regulations
Presented by the WV MGMA in collaboration with the VA MGMA and PA MGMA.
SPEAKER: Joel P. Jones, Jr., Partner, Campbell Woods, PLLC
OVERVIEW: The new Information Blocking regulations became effective April 5.  The presentation will summarize what Information Blocking is, the requirements of the newly effective rule, policy implementation, and the rules relationship to existing patient information requirements under HIPAA.  

DATE: May 21, 2021 (PPT / Recording on Members Only Webinar Page)
TOPIC: RPA and Its Role in Revenue Cycle Processes
Presented by the PA MGMA in collaboration with the VA MGMA and WV MGMA.
SPEAKER: Leah Jones, SVP and General Manager, Allscripts
OVERVIEWRobotic Process Automation (RPA) has given healthcare organizations an opportunity to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and increase deliverable quality to unlock operational agility and scale growth. Learn how RPA can be implemented in revenue cycle management processes to automate manual processes and improve efficiencies and workflows. Allscripts experts will share specific RPA strategies and discuss how your organization can see cost savings and cost avoidances across the board.

DATE: April 23, 2021 (PPT / Recording on Members Only Webinar Page)
TOPIC: On the Verge: Improving Physician Retention/Engagement While Decreasing Turnover
Presented by the PA MGMA in collaboration with the VA MGMA and WV MGMA.
SPEAKER: Trevor Strauss, Regional Vice President, Jackson Physician Search - Jackson Healthcare
OVERVIEW: The intense strains of daily healthcare delivery have caused many physicians to consider leaving medicine or retiring early. The challenge for organizations today is developing effective retention programs that reduce turnover and increase physician engagement, mitigate burnout, and contribute to positive workplace culture. Jackson Physician Search surveyed physicians and administrators at the end of 2020 to better understand their views on these issues. The results are eye-opening.
Join Trevor Strauss, Regional Vice President of JPS, as he dives into the results of the survey findings and outlines actionable steps that you can implement to communicate and improve physician retention programs, and discuss why it's critical to anticipate and address future staffing needs earlier to overcome the downside of lengthy vacancies.

DATE: March 12, 2021 (PPT / Recording on Members Only Webinar Page)
TOPIC: Health Policy Update: COVID-19 & Its Impacts
Presented by the VA MGMA in collaboration with the CT MGMA, PA MGMA and WV MGMA.
SPEAKER: Sam Cohen, JD, MPP, Senior VP Health Policy, Curi
OVERVIEW: COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on physician practices in 2020, and these impacts are likely to continue through at least the first half of 2021.  This presentation will review the events of the past nine months to help practices understand how the situation has evolved over time and what the evolving circumstances may mean for the coming year.  Key topics explored will include (i) what did we know about COVID-19 when the pandemic began and how has our knowledge changed, (ii) the current status of the pandemic, (iii) COVID-19's impact on independent physician practices, (iv) and actions taken by the Federal and State governments to help practices handle the challenges they have faced.

DATE: February 19, 2021 (PPT / Recording on Members Only Webinar Page) 
TOPIC: COVID-19, Telehealth and Clinical Practice: Unprecedented Opportunities
Presented by the WV MGMA in collaboration with the CT MGMA, PA MGMA and VA MGMA.
SPEAKERS: Steve Davis, PhD; Jennifer Mallow, PhD, FNP-BC 
OVERVIEW: Telehealth has long been considered a cost-effective, evidence-based technological approach that can provide timely care at a distance for a range of clinical conditions in a variety of settings. However, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the diffusion of this approach in practice was limited by reimbursement and access to technology. This webinar will briefly review the main types of telehealth, discuss factors that historically limited diffusion of telehealth, review the role that COVID-19 had in temporarily removing these limitations, and discuss the future opportunities for widespread expansion of this life-saving technology.
Presentation Goals:

1. Review the three main types of telehealth.
2. Discuss factors related to telehealth reimbursement.
3. Briefly discuss the impact of COVID-19 on removing reimbursement barriers.
4. Discuss clinical implications of COVID-19 on adoption of telehealth and examine future opportunities.

DATE: January 29, 2021 (PPT / Recording on Members Only Webinar Page)

TOPIC: The New Face of Leadership in 2021 and Beyond
Presented by the PA MGMA in collaboration with the CT MGMA, WV MGMA and VA MGMA.
SPEAKER: Brian Liebknecht BS, MHSA, CMPE, Executive Director at Proximal, LLC
                    President-elect & Vice-Chairman of the Board at Maryland MGMA
 While it may be easy to want to live in the good ol' days of medical practices, we are now faced with the challenges of living in what is often a phased and remote world.  Join us to examine how to measure employee productivity and assign and assess team members' new responsibilities and help them use all their resources.  Learn to identify how 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic changed us all for the good, including our patients, staff and shareholders. Finally, delve into how to lead how leadership should be outcome-based, not be focused strictly on rules and guidelines.
Let's learn to lead with our gut feelings, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, standards, goals, and most importantly COMMUNICATION!


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