2019 Regional Events / Lunch & Learns                  

                     3/19/19: Post VMGMA 2019 Spring Conference Workshop (Richmond)
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Nate and Lucien will step into the real world during this hands-on workshop and share examples of how a local medical practice uses pivot tables to get what its PM/EHR cannot deliver.  We request every attendee bring an electronic device, as we will provide a thumb drive containing de-identified practice data to each attendee.  We want attendees to be able to build pivot tables by the end of this session and will share “step-by-step” how pivot tables can be built to track no shows, E&M coding, referring physicians and other valuable and actionable data.  We will delve into the creation of dashboards and how they can be used to improve the performance of staff and the productivity of providers.  Dashboard examples for better-performing practices across the country will be shared.  
Learning Objectives:
•    Show real world examples of how pivot tables and dashboards have improved the performance and
      productivity of Lucien’s practice;
•    Create your own pivot tables, using a de-identified data set provided to each attendee;
•    Compare examples of practice-changing dashboards for medical practices nationwide;
•    Appreciate the limitations of standard PM/EHR reporting.


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