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NOTE: Membership in National MGMA and/or local state MGMA chapters are separate memberships and provide different member benefits. For more information on Virginia chapters, see the Association/Chapters Tab on this website. For more information on National MGMA, visit their website at

Membership Categories (Memberships are individual and non-transferable.)

ACTIVE (definition revised 4/1/19)

Any individual who is directly employed to provide management, administrative or related support services to an entity formally organized to provide or facilitate the provision of healthcare services or an individual employed by a management organization, hospital/hospital system, practice management firm or other business entity responsible for managing significant operational components of an entity providing  healthcare services (including MSOs, PHOs, IPAs, CINs). This can include consultants who are responsible for management operations of one or more practices on an ongoing basis.

Active Membership: $95/year

Active Member Application


Any individual who is employed by, or an owner of, any entity providing products and/or services to healthcare providers. Including, by way of example only, insurers, physician network administrators, healthcare vendors or similar providers.

Affiliate Membership: $180/year

Affiliate Member Application


Any individual enrolled full time as a student in a healthcare degree or business related degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning including, by way of example only, community colleges, universities, technical colleges, postgraduate or fellowship programs.

Student Membership: $25/year

Student Member Application


Any individual who has been an active member in the previous year and is fully retired from the field of healthcare management.

Lifetime Membership: $30/one-time

Lifetime Member Application


Any active member in good standing who becomes disassociated from their management position and is actively seeking alternative medical management employment.

Transitional Membership: $95/year

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