2020 VMGMA Board

Maribeth Culbertson, CMPE, President                     

(4-23-20) PRESIDENT'S COVID-19 MESSAGE by Maribeth Culbertson, CMPE

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has tested us all in so many different ways, both professionally and personally. The daily and sometime hourly changes we have faced over these past weeks have been both stressful and exhausting, and have tested our leadership skills as healthcare leaders. 
Please know that the VMGMA board is always available as a resource to you. Please do not be hesitant to tap into this network to aid you in figuring out your next steps in managing this pandemic within your workplace.
We have created a COVID-19 resources page on our website which is full of information including links to websites and webinars.  We update this page daily as new information becomes available.   
We will also be re-activating our VMGMA blog so that you can see what others are doing and provide feedback to help us all maneuver through these times of uncertainty.  Please know we continue to navigate various avenues to provide you the educational tools you need. We hope we will see brighter days real soon! 
Thank you for all you do to continue to provide quality care to our Virginia communities.  Please remember that the VMGMA is an email or phone call away for any help you may need, especially during these trying times.

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE by Maribeth Culbertson, CMPE

As President of the Virginia MGMA, I would like to welcome you to the Association. The VMGMA is a leadership organization devoted to the continuous individual growth of its professionals through education. Our hope is you will find our organization to be supportive and informative to you in your path of professional development and that we will provide opportunities for you to connect with others in our profession and to keep abreast of the issues that impact healthcare. Never before has it been so critical that we, as individual group, academic and hospital owned practices, maintain confidence and foster intellectual health so we will be respected and recognized as leaders in this challenging and uncertain health care industry.  
On behalf of the Board, thank you for all that you do as a leader working to improve healthcare. To our members, thank you for making VMGMA the special organization that it is.

President                                                                   Secretary
Maribeth Culbertson, CMPE, Clinical Administrator                 Michael Noland, MHA, CHFP, FACMPE, CEO     
Dermatology Associates of Virginia                                            Mid-Atlantic Women's Care
Richmond, VA                                                                                  Norfolk, VA

President                                                                                Treasurer
Donna Diaz, CMPE, Dir Finance/Compliance/FP                      Jack Morana, DHA, MS, MSHA, CMPE, FACHE, CEO
Wellspring Health Services                                                           Bone & Joint Specialists of Winchester
Culpeper, VA                                                                                     Winchester, VA

Susan Collett, MBA, MHA, CMPE                                                 Sharon Smith, CMPE, Practice Manager
Bon Secours Mercy Health                                                            Virginia Beach Surgery
Richmond, VA                                                                                   Virginia Beach, VA

Alka Kumar, CMPE, Compliance Officer/Pop. Health               Brenda Palmore, FACMPE, VP Practice Management
Capital Area Pediatrics                                                                  VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital
Oakton, VA                                                                                        South Hill, VA

Della Collins, CMOM, Practice Administrator                             Benjamin Dolewski, CMPE, Operations Manager
Endocrinology & Diabetes Center                                                 Valley Health
Chesapeake, VA                                                                               Luray, VA

Katie Nunn, CMPE, CEO
Bright Ideas Medical Consulting
Midlothian, VA

Legislative Liaison                                                                           ACMPE Representative         
Gerard Filicko, CMPE, Vice President                                           Katie Nunn, CMPE, CEO

Virginia Care Partners                                                                      Bright Ideas Medical Consulting
Richmond, VA                                                                                    Midlothian, VA

3rd Party Payor Representative                                                    Vendor Liaison
Sharon Smith, CMPE, Practice Manager                                    Della Collins, CMOM, Practice Administrator
Virginia Beach Surgery                                                                   Endocrinology & Diabetes Center
 Virginia Beach, VA                                                                           Chesapeake, VA

Jody H. O'Neil, Executive Director
Virginia MGMA
P.O. Box 263
Sandston, VA  23150
(804) 328-3344
(866) 899-5800
[email protected]



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