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Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Fanning is an entrepreneur, parent, leadership development expert, and internationally acclaimed speaker. He has written several books, including Who are you BECOMING? and Creativity Unleashed! 

Jonathan was voted best speaker at a TEDx Conference and has inspired and challenged audiences with his message in 49 states and on 3 continents.

After a traumatic car accident provided a much-needed wake-up call, Jonathan knew he needed to make some serious changes. Since then, he’s shared his gift of combining story-telling, humor, emotion, and tough questions to help audiences discover practical game-changers for their work and lives.

Session: Servant Leader's Paradox: Leaders We CHOOSE to Follow & Cultures We CHOOSE to Join!

Especially relevant in these changing times – every person is an agent of change… for better or for worse.  The “Servant Leader Paradox” is a unique exploration of the most effective time-tested leadership principles and paradoxes. We all know great leadership when we see it. What four things must a servant leader do? Most organizations that teach servant leadership violate at least two of these building blocks. This program may change the way you look at role models, leadership, and engagement forever.
Learning Objectives:

1. Aspiring servant leaders get stuck on the priority between two words. Jonathan’s passionate stories will stick with them as listeners try to become better servant leaders long after this keynote or workshop.

2. To truly serve includes paying a personal price. How can leaders demonstrate, teach and inspire others to pay a personal price in our short-term, “what’s in it for me” culture?

3. Servant leadership involves repetition of a single choice. Unfortunately, it’s a choice almost never discussed in leadership training. When leaders make that choice, the result is a game-changer for the culture. Discover the choice and simple strategies to make it a habit.

Creativity Unleashed: 5 Strategies of World-Class Innovators

Can creativity be taught, learned, developed, coached, intentionally strengthened? Based on 2 decades of research into world-class innovators, we found 5 practical strategies and a blueprint for unleashing creativity. Are you ready? Jonathan’s TED Talk on this topic won the best speaker of the conference. We’ll explore game-changers, including: “Einstein’s Hour”, “Wilber’s Sensible Piece of Paper” and the “Innovator’s Equation.”

Learning Objectives:

1. Explore the “Innovator’s Equation”, a paradigm-shifting framework for bringing creativity to practical challenges.

2. Get a fresh and energizing perspective on hiring, engagement, budgets, meetings and culture with “Einstein’s Hour” – a 180° shift in how we typically approach problems.

3. Learn and apply the 5% Rule, F4(OB), and a 4 word question to strengthen your culture during COVID recovery.

4. Walk away with practical tools that you can apply in your world immediately.

Featured Speakers

Tim Sheley has devoted his career to addressing the growing needs of the healthcare
community. His introduction to physician search began twenty years ago, and he has been part of the Jackson Physician Search team since 2003, when it was known as Jackson & Coker. As Executive Vice President of Business Development, Tim has enjoyed contributing to the company’s continuous growth in a fast-changing healthcare recruitment marketplace.

Leveraging his healthcare business development expertise at the C-suite level, Tim frequently shares insights through industry articles and speaking forums, with a focus on generating return on investment in recruitment and retention of physicians and advanced practice providers. He has delivered a consistent track record of driving results and shares his experience in hiring, training and motivation to benefit candidates and clients at hospitals, clinics and health systems nationwide.

Session: On the Road to Recovery- Confronting Physician Burnout, Recruitment, and Retention

The great challenge for administrators is to develop physician staffing strategies that overcome obstacles stemming from increasing burnout, turnover, and retirements. This session will outline actionable steps to improve physician recruitment and retention, as well as discuss why it’s critical to address staffing needs earlier to prevent lengthy vacancies.

Luke Downing is the President and founder of Mode5, a premier IT Managed Services Provider that was recently named the top MSP in the world to Channel Futures, an IT trade publication. He frequently gives talks about information technology and technology business operations at conferences and universities and has appeared on ABC news, CBS news, and more. Luke Downing is from Lincoln, NE, but has called Norfolk home since enrolling at Old Dominion University in 1997 to pursue degrees in Finance, Accounting, and Communications. Luke has served as the chair the of Downtown 100, served on the board of the Hurrah Players, and enjoys volunteering in the community. For fun he likes spending time with his son Max, playing drums and piano, and reading.

Session: How Artificial Intelligence Is Evolving and How It Will Impact Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic in Science Fiction for over one hundred years. Now that Artificial Intelligence is here, how will it impact healthcare, jobs, society, and our future? Please join Luke Downing, President of Mode5, as he discusses the pros and cons of AI and what AI means to you and your practice now and in the future.

Jonathan Sumrell is a partner in the firm’s corporate practice group. His practice focuses on corporate matters, including employment matters. Mr. Sumrell assists clients in drafting employment agreements, severance agreements, employment policies and procedures, and other operational policies. He also advises clients on employee benefits matters, including compliance with ERISA. He represents employers before regulatory agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor, and he handles federal and state litigation for all varieties of employment related disputes.

Before entering private practice, Mr. Sumrell completed a clerkship with the Circuit Court of Henrico County, Virginia. While in law school, Mr. Sumrell was Manuscripts Editor for the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest, was elected as a Justice of the Honor Council, and was a member of the Client Counseling and Negotiation Board. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Sumrell served as a deputy press secretary for a U.S. Senator.

Session: Employment Law Update

Practices should be aware of the host of changes to employment law in 2023.  This session will review many of this year’s federal and state law changes, including the new federal emphasis on non-compete enforcement, renewed scrutiny of employer policies by federal regulators, and new state laws affecting employee severance agreements and mandatory leave.

Sam Starbuck is SVP & General Manager of Privia Quality Network, Connecticut. He has over 10+ years of experience with strategic operations and value-based care. Sam leads all of Privia’s accountable care organization (ACO) programs and activities to support performance in value-based care contracts across Commercial, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid accounting.

Session #1: Payor Contracts- Do’s and Don’ts

This session will cover the key points of requesting copies of contracts from payors, requesting updated fee schedules each year, taking advantage of avenues afforded in the contract for the resolution of disputes (i.e. arbitration), and VBC and specific expertise. Attendees will be able to familiarize themselves with the terms of the contract and how to approach or initiate a renegotiation conversation/meeting.

Session #2: Revenue Cycle Management- Effective Revenue Cycle Management Strategies to Keep your Practice Sharp

This session will cover eligibility, referrals & authorizations and/or claims preparation and submission, prior authorizations; getting payment at TOS, and tips and tricks on how we've succeeded in RCM. Attendees will be able to educate their patients that they are part of the equation by using effective terms; using the carrier fee schedule to make sure carrier payments are compliant, learning to quantify issues for integrity and negotiation, and utilizing tools for efficient pre-auth process.

Mary Knotts has built a solid reputation at the intersection of healthcare and security. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer for the past eight years at PEAKE Technology Partners, a healthcare-focused Managed Service Provider, she has consistently addressed the unique challenges of the sector. Before this role, she was the Director of Information Assurance at Telecommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS), guiding the organization to achieve the ISO 27001 certification and emphasizing data protection. As a certified CISSP and PMP, and an MBA from the University of Baltimore, Mrs. Knotts combines academic grounding with hands-on industry experience, making her a respected voice in healthcare security.

Session: Navigating the Digital Frontier- The SAFER Assessment & Security Risk Assessments in Healthcare

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare IT, ensuring the privacy, integrity, and security of patient data is paramount. This presentation delves deep into the SAFER Assessment - a tool designed to ensure electronic health record (EHR) safety, and the broader context of Security Risk Assessments (SRA) in healthcare. Attendees will gain insights into the importance of these assessments, best practices for conducting them, and the nuances unique to the healthcare sector. As the digital frontier of healthcare continues to expand, equipped with the knowledge from this session, participants will be better prepared to guide their organizations safely through it.

Taylor Miles is deeply passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy. Taylor has been instrumental in shedding light on the nuances and intricacies of mental well-being, both individually and in the workplace. Working with a renowned mental health provider, M&S EAP, and being actively involved in the Employee Benefits Industry, Taylor brings both personal insight and professional expertise to the table. As a speaker, Taylor aims to inspire, educate, and drive positive change in the realm of mental health.

Session: Unplugging- Reduce Stress, Demands, and Anxiety for Your Wellness

The impact of mental health on overall well-being, productivity, and work performance cannot be overstated. The past three years further accentuated the importance of understanding, managing, and improving mental health – both personally and professionally. Being in the healthcare space can often provide insight but also exacerbate the negative effects due to over exposure. This session will dive into the current challenges and some innovative solutions surrounding the topic. Participants will engage in discussion, share experiences, and try a new technique to improve their mood and cognitive function.

Paul Stone has been working in employee benefits for over 30 years and has led numerous agencies, including The Medical Society of Virginia's agency, for approximately 5 years. He is a certified health coach through the Villanova School of Nursing, and he has had a lifelong passion for well-being. Paul is a former student athlete (baseball) and he has an Economics degree from the University of Richmond.

Session: Unplugging- Reduce Stress, Demands, and Anxiety for Your Wellness

The impact of mental health on overall well-being, productivity, and work performance cannot be overstated. The past three years further accentuated the importance of understanding, managing, and improving mental health – both personally and professionally. Being in the healthcare space can often provide insight but also exacerbate the negative effects due to over exposure. This session will dive into the current challenges and some innovative solutions surrounding the topic. Participants will engage in discussion, share experiences, and try a new technique to improve their mood and cognitive function.

Jacquie Shapiro, Senior Director of Turnkey Reinsurance & Programs at Tokio Marine HCC – Cyber and Professional Lines Group, has been with the company since 2013 and specializes in bolt-on reinsurance solutions for a broad scope of professional liability insurance carriers. Growing up in a family of insurance professionals, Jacquie started her carrier in the industry as an Operations Support Assistant at Chubb Custom Market in Los Angeles, then took some time away to pursue a career in Restaurant Management. In time, Jacquie found her way back to insurance and has been an instrumental part in developing the Turnkey Reinsurance & Programs department of the company. Today, as a core member of the Turnkey Reinsurance & Programs team, Jacquie oversees the development, operations, and day-to-day handling of the company’s professional lines accounts, specializing in the fields of both Lawyer and Medical Malpractice  

Session: The Five Keys of a Good Cybersecurity Program

Frequency and severity of Ransomware has increased steadily since 2018, with ransom demands increasing on average over 400% in that time. With daily headlines, healthcare practices are at a crossroads as to how to approach protecting their digital assets, and insurers are working quickly to devise sustainable solutions. There is reason to be optimistic as risk mitigation and breach prevention tools are becoming more and more prolific, but healthcare providers should be vigilant with cyber hygiene and not depend solely on insurance protection. This session explores ways to protect healthcare practices from a cyber attack. Key objectives are to inform what cyber exposures healthcare practices face and to educate on ways to help mitigate those exposures.  

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