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2017 Calendar

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DATE:   November 10, 2017   Click HERE to register. (Registration closes 11/8/17.)
TOPIC: Cultivating Candidate Relationships: The Next Phase in the Evolution of Healthcare Recruitment
Led by NY MGMA, in collaboration with the CT MGMA, PA MGMA, MA/RI MGMA, and VA MGMA.
OVERVIEW: As most individuals tasked with recruiting and hiring talented medical professionals are painfully aware, the majority of the most qualified healthcare talent is unresponsive at best and unreachable at worst; they’re simply not proactively looking for career opportunities.  But, what if they could be reached?  And when finally in communication with these talented professionals, would hiring managers be able to communicate the right message at the right time?
Smart practice managers and recruiters are starting to leverage proven content marketing best practices and technology to attract, inform, influence and convert the most experienced talent into quality hires.
In our informative webinar we’ll share:
•    How talent acquisition has evolved and adopted marketing best practices;
•    An introduction to the candidate journey;
•    Key tips for engaging candidates throughout their journey;
•    How to jump start your recruitment marketing efforts.

PRESENTER: Anthony Gentile is a Managing Partner at Katon Direct, a recruitment marketing firm exclusive to the healthcare industry.  In his role, Anthony oversees Marketing and Business Development.  In total, Anthony has almost 15 years of experience in the healthcare human capital space.  Prior to co-founding Katon Direct in 2003, Anthony was with a company called Consensus Group, a negotiations and conflict management consultancy in New York City.  Anthony holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, with a primary focus on negotiations and conflict management.

DATE:  December 1, 2017   Click HERE to register. (Registration closes 11/29/17 at 5:00 pm.)
TIME: 12:30 - 1:30 pm

TOPIC: How to Protect Your Practice From Cyber Criminals, Hackers And Breaches
Led by CT MGMA, in collaboration with the MA/RI MGMA, PA MGMA, NY MGMA, and VA MGMA. 
OVERVIEW: When You Fall Victim To A Cyber-Attack Through No Fault Of Your Own, Will They Call You Stupid, Irresponsible Or Both?
It’s EXTREMELY unfair, isn’t it? Victims of all other crimes – burglary, mugging, carjacking, theft – get sympathy from others. They are called “victims”, and assistance and support come flooding in. But if your medical practice is the victim of a cybercrime attack where patient data or any data is compromised, you will NOT get such sympathy. You will be instantly labeled as stupid or irresponsible. You will be investigated and questioned about what you did to prevent this from happening – and if the answer is not adequate, you can be found liable, facing serious fines and lawsuits. You will be required by law to tell your patients that YOU exposed their private records, financials and data to a criminal. Your competition will have a heyday over this, and patients will leave in droves once they discover you’ve been compromised. Your bank will NOT come to your rescue either, and unless you have a very specific type of crime insurance, any financial losses will not be covered.
Our Cybersecurity Session Will Cover:
•    Number One Security Threat To Your Medical Practice;
•    Ways to protect against Ransomware;
•    Simple practices to minimize your risk online;
•    Why “free email” comes with a big cost;
•    The Dark Web;
•    Strategies for secure passwords.

Our Security Risk Session will cover the requirement for a Security Risk Analysis for the upcoming MIPS program:
•    What a Security Risk Assessment actually is and is not;
•    The most important elements of an assessment;
•    Tools and resources if you are considering doing your own;
•    Special SRA offer to attendees.
PRESENTER: For over 31 years, Peter Verlezza has been the architect of technology solutions that make sense for medical practices, businesses and non-profits. His unique way of approaching challenges comes from a belief that it all starts with people. He is the author of 3 books, "Hassle Free IT MD: The Ultimate Medical Practice Guide For Finding A Professional, Competent, Honest, Considerate, On-Time, Fairly-Priced And Dependable Computer," and the 2 Amazon bestselling books, “The Tech Multiplier: The World’s Leading Technology Consultants Reveal In Depth Case Studies of How the Smartest Businesses in the World Are Leveraging Technology To Increase Profits”, and "The Business Owners Essential Guide To IT and All Things Digital."
He speaks regularly to medical societies and business associations. Peter has been a member of the Connecticut Medical Group Management Association for 6 years and has served on its board for the past 4 years.


2017 Completed Calendar

DATE:    October 6, 2017
Wage & Hour Update: Recent Developments and Hot Topics
           Led by MA/RI MGMA, in collaboration with the CT MGMA, PA MGMA, NY MGMA, and VA MGMA. 
Employers throughout the country are being targeted by a wave of collective, class, and individual lawsuits asserting violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws.  Additionally, new regulations from the U.S. Department of Labor created major changes to the overtime exemption rules that impact pay practices of thousands of businesses here and across the country.  
In this presentation, Attorney John Gannon of Skoler, Abbott & Presser, P.C., one of the leading labor and employment law firms serving employers throughout New England, will discuss the impact of proposed new wage and hour rules, and share strategies for defending and avoiding costly wage and hour lawsuits.  This event will highlight:
•    What’s going on with the DOL’s overtime rule?
•    New federal Legislation that might limit how much overtime is due to employees
•    The five most common wage and hour mistakes (and how to avoid them)
•    Intersection of paid leave laws and wage/hour obligations
•    Review of recent wage and hour cases
John S. Gannon, Attorney, Skoler, Abbott & Presser
John S. Gannon is an attorney with Skoler, Abbott & Presser, P.C., and practices in the firm’s Springfield, Massachusetts, office.  He has defended employers against claims of discrimination, retaliation, harassment and wrongful termination, as well as actions arising under the Family Medical Leave Act and wage & hour law. John also has experience with lawsuits seeking to enforce restrictive covenants and protect trade secrets.
John frequently assists employers in litigation avoidance strategies. He has reviewed numerous employee handbooks and related polices for compliance, as well as employment and non-compete agreements. John has also conducted comprehensive wage & hour and employment practices audits. He regularly counsels employers on compliance with state and federal laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act. John is a regular contributor to business publications and to the Massachusetts Employment Law Letter. He also is a frequent speaker on employment-related legal topics for a wide variety of associations and organizations, including appearances on Western Mass News and the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly podcast sessions.

DATE:   September 8, 2017
TIME:   12:30 - 1:30 pm
TOPIC4 Pillars of Digital Marketing              
Led by PA MGMA, in collaboration with the CT MGMA, MA/RI MGMA, NY MGMA, and VA MGMA.
OVERVIEW: Phil Frost is a marketing expert and founder of Main Street ROI, a digital marketing agency that has partnered with Peek Pro to help educate our users about digital marketing best practices. During the webinar, Phil will share valuable insights and advice on how you can use digital marketing to grow your business.When you attend this webinar, you’ll learn:
•    The 3 big lessons Phil has learned from his 10+ years in digital marketing;
•    The 4 pillars of successful digital marketing;
•    Top 6 website traffic sources;
•    4 key areas to improve sales conversions;
•    The critical elements you need to track return on investment (ROI).
PRESENTER: Phil Frost, COO, Main Street ROIPhil is Founder and COO of Main Street ROI. He leads the company’s operations and is primary creator of Main Street ROI’s training programs. Phil is an expert in online advertising, marketing analytics and sales funnel optimization. His marketing thought leadership has been published on,, and many other major business media outlets. Phil earned his Master of Engineering Management degree from Thayer School of Engineering and Tuck School of Business and his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering degrees from Dartmouth College.

DATE:    August 11, 2017
TIME:    12:30 - 1:30 pm
TOPIC:  Corporate Formalities - Are They Really Formalities or "Necessities" in Disguise?
   Led by VA MGMA, in collaboration with the CT MGMA, MA/RI MGMA, NY MGMA, MD MGMA and PA MGMA.
OVERVIEW: This webinar will briefly describe the main legal entities typically utilized by physician group practices in most states, along with the major distinctions among them.  It will review the principal periodic actions and documentation generally required and outline the serious issues and liabilities that can potentially arise for the owners and the entity itself out of ignoring these "formalities".  It will include tips for managers and corporate officers, as well as some checklists, for reviewing your entity's current situation and organizing ongoing compliance activities in this regard.
PRESENTER: Heman Marshall, III, Attorney, Woods Rogers, PLC
Heman Marshall focuses his practice primarily in Health Law, Business & Corporate, and Antitrust. He provides counsel and guidance to businesses, individuals, hospitals, clinics, physicians, dentists, long-term care facilities and other healthcare providers and organizations on federal and state antitrust and health regulatory matters including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, IPA and PHO creation and operation, trade association activities, Stark, state and federal anti-kickback laws, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues, managed care negotiations, physician-hospital contracting, ACO, HIPAA/HITECH compliance and enforcement, and state Certificate of Public Need issues.
He also assists individual healthcare clients in professional licensure, professional staff and managed-care credentialing issues. Heman served as president and/or chairman of Woods Rogers from 1995 to 2003. He was the initial chairman of the Virginia Bar Association Health Law Section and has also served as Chairman of the Virginia State Bar Health Law Section and the Antitrust, Franchising and Trade Regulation Section. He currently serves as a member of the VBA Health Law Practice Section Counsel.

DATE:   August 2, 2017
TIME:   10:00 - 11:00 am

HIPAA Breach: Identification, Management and Documentation
OVERVIEW: The Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule (2013) updated the Breach Notification decision process by introducing several new concepts or requirements including the fact that a breach is presumed to have occurred when first discovered.  It is up to the covered entity (or business associate) to demonstrate a low probability that PHI has been compromised.  To help in this task, a four-factor risk assessment should be used to establish the probability that PHI has been compromised; all four factors must be considered and documented unless the covered entity decides to proceed directly to the appropriate notification of individuals and HHS.
This webinar will address how covered entities (and business associates) can best identify, and then appropriately and effectively manage and document their efforts in handling, the breach of PHI.
PRESENTER: Stephen A. Burt, President & CEO, Healthcare Compliance Resources, Inc.
Stephen A. Burt is President and CEO of Healthcare Compliance Resources, an affiliate of Woods Rogers Consulting, a company developing and delivering strategic solutions to today's healthcare regulatory compliance problems.  From 1981 to 1994 Steve was the Corporate Director of Environmental Health for Carilion Healthcare System (Roanoke, VA) responsible for OSHA, EPA and JCAHO compliance and was awarded the prestigious American Hospital Association’s Phoenix Award in 1988.  During this time, he was non-Legislative appointee to the Joint Legislative Administrative Review Commission (JLARC).  Most recently, he served two years as the Corporate Administrator of Employee Safety for Inova Health System in Falls Church, VA, with responsibility in Employee Health and for OSHA compliance.  Steve conducts over 30 full-day OSHA, HIPAA, and Employee Health seminars per year for the University of North Carolina, Duke University, East Carolina University, Association of Occupational Health Professional in Healthcare, the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, and the American Hospital Association among others. 

DATE:   July 21, 2017
:   12:30 - 1:30 PM
   How to Deal Effectively with Challenging Employee Behaviors
              Led by MD MGMA, in collaboration with the VA MGMA, CT MGMA, MA/RI MGMA, NY MGMA and PA MGMA.
OVERVIEW: Struggling with how to turn your problem employees into productive ones? In this session, learn what makes people perform at levels that are inconsistent with the established standards and practices of your organization. Add results-oriented, practical techniques that have been street-tested to proactively eliminate tough situations before they happen and handle destructive behaviors before irreparable damage is done to the team.
PRESENTERS: D. Ryan Setzer & Viki Ryan, RN
D. Ryan Setzer is a seasoned performance coach and trainer specializing in leadership development, techniques for dealing with challenging employees and strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Along with Viki Ryan RN, he co-authored the book, The Ultimate Medical Manager - Leadership for Results. His practical, real-world presentations are delivered in a captivating and dynamic style. He is able to engage participants immediately, and keep them riveted throughout the entire presentation.
Setzer's philosophy and techniques on leadership, team-building, communication and staff development have been presented in over 1500 seminars in the U.S. and abroad to over 65,000 attendees in 46 states and 9 countries. His theories, when put into practice, have produced measurable results in industries ranging from Fortune 500 companies, major healthcare organizations, and international manufacturers to professional athletics. His programs are sought after by large and small companies, and individuals seeking to maximize their potential.
On the platform, in the boardroom, or in a field coaching session, Ryan's insights will transform individuals' perspectives and help them polish their skills. His ability to translate theory into practical application produces results, desired outcomes, and positive impact. His unique perspective on performance development and enhancement have made him a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant.
Viki Ryan, RN has been in the spotlight all her life. As a graduate of the University of Miami Drama Department, Viki learned how to capture an audiences' attention, concentrate on the necessary details to thoroughly prepare for her scene, an most importantly, function as a member of an ensemble. These critical lessons prepared Ryan to make her transition from pursuing success on "the boards of Broadway to the floors of healthcare providers and the streets of the corporate way."
As a registered nurse, she has had the opportunity to explore career paths that have given her an insight into human behavior and potential. Her varied background in the arts, medicine and business give her a well-rounded perspective that audience members relate to and appreciate. Viki brings to the platform a polished style and the skill of presenting material that many consider common sense, yet few make common practice.
For twenty years, Viki has dedicated her efforts to setting and achieving personal and professional goals, and learning how to create organizational systems that effectively support all the people involved. In companies ranging from pharmaceuticals to public schools, hospice to the March of Dimes, she has met or exceeded quotas or goals, ranked in the top percentile of producers, coordinated the efforts of committees and received numerous awards in sales and video production.
Viki has applied street-tested strategies and techniques to achieve success in the "real world." While her accomplishments cover numerous industries and job functions, one characteristic remains the same; she understands that success is the result of the whole team.
Together, their specialties include: Handling difficult employees, making the transition from doer to leader, creating an exceptional patient experience, managing a customer service team, providing feedback that elicits a commitment to change instead of momentary compliance.

DATE:   June 9, 2017
TOPIC: Assessing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Practice
              Led by CT MGMA, in collaboration with the NY MGMA, MA/RI MGMA, PA MGMA, and VA MGMA.
PRESENTER: Blake Hendrickson, FACMPE, MBA, Senior VP, Operations, Connecticut Children's Hospital
Mr. Hendrickson brings over 25 years of successful experience in physician practice management, along with consulting experience in multi-specialty physician groups and integration with large hospital systems. His experiences include development of physician compensation models, strategic planning, and negotiations with insurance companies.  Blake assisted in the development of a program to value and evaluate physician practices. He has been nationally recognized for his focus on patient satisfaction within physician groups, and enhancing provider productivity through standardized operations while improving patient and employee satisfaction scores.
units as awarded by other professional associations. We recommend that you contact your professional association for their approval process.

DATE:   May 19, 2017
TOPIC: Telehealth Opportunities and Challenges
               Led by NY MGMA, in collaboration with the CT MGMA, MA/RI MGMA, PA MGMA, and VA MGMA.
OVERVIEW:  The goal is to familiarize yourself with the various applications that telehealth technology offers. We will explore the opportunities and challenges in designing a sustainable telehealth program that includes and engages all stakeholder groups (clinicians, hospital administrators, patients, employers, health departments, community health organizations, nursing homes & assisted living facilities, payers, IT vendors).
The take-away will be the knowledge of what is involved in developing a sustainable telehealth program and how to implement and manage a wide ranging interdisciplinary project.
PRESENTER: Peter M. Caplan, Founder and Managing Consultant, eHealth Systems & Solutions
Peter M. Caplan, a strategic planner and healthcare economist with over 20 years experience is the Founder and Managing Consultant of eHealth Systems & Solutions, a nine year old New York based consulting firm specializing in telemedicine, telehealth, and information technology solutions for hospitals, rural clinics, and physician practices.  He also serves as a Director of MedVentures Advisory Group, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting physician and healthcare entrepreneurs in developing innovative products and services. Mr. Caplan served as Executive Director of the High Plains Rural Health Network (HPRHN), a three state, federally funded nonprofit telemedicine project linking rural hospitals in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska with tertiary medical centers in Colorado. Mr. Caplan has been a consultant on several FCC Rural Pilot Projects, regional health technology plans, physician engagement strategies, and patient outreach efforts.
From 2001-2008, Mr. Caplan served as Associate Track Director and Clinical Instructor for two courses he developed; Intro to Health Information Technology and Telemedicine Applications for the Clinical Sciences program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and was an adjunct faculty instructor in the Graduate School of Business.  He has been a featured speaker at several regional and national conferences on telemedicine, HIPAA compliance and information technology applications in healthcare education.

DATE:   May 10, 2017
TOPIC: The Trump Administration’s Department of Labor Agenda and Top Wage & Hour Mistakes Made by Medical Practices
OVERVIEW: In this presentation we will discuss the Trump Administration’s priorities for the Department of Labor, including an update on federal overtime regulation changes.  We will also review the top wage and hour mistakes made by medical practices and best practices to avoid claims.
PRESENTER: Kimberly Daniel, Esq., Director, HDJN
Kimberly Daniel is a director in the Central Virginia office of Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagel P.C. Kim's practice focuses on employment law and medical staff issues.Specifically, she provides advice on issues such as employee policies and procedures, employee compensation, overtime, leaves and discipline, employment contracts, covenants not to compete, handbooks, union-free management, federal contractor obligations, separation agreements and severance plans. She handles internal investigations as well as federal and state litigation for all varieties of employment law matters including wrongful discharge, harassment, discrimination and related claims pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the FMLA, ADA, ADEA, FLSA and OSHA.
PRESENTER: Jonathan Sumrell, Esq., Associate, HDJN
Jonathan Sumrell is an associate in the firm's corporate practice group. His practice focuses on corporate matters, including employment matters. Mr. Sumrell advises and assists clients in drafting employment agreements, severance agreements, employment policies and procedures and other operational policies. He represents employers before regulatory agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor, and he handles federal and state litigation for all varieties of employment related disputes.

DATE:   April 7, 2017
TOPIC:The Compliance Approach to Cybersecurity:  Are You in Good Hands?
              Led by MA/RI MGMA, in collaboration with the CT MGMA, NY MGMA, PA MGMA, and VA MGMA.
OVERVIEW: It seems like every day, there is some story about cybersecurity.  Whether it is the intelligence agencies trying to overcome the off-shore hacks or individuals trying to safeguard their log-in information to ensure that their personal information doesn’t get compromised.
As practice administrators, you put implicit faith in your IT contractor or your on-site IT tech, but are you really secure and if you were breached, would you hold up against a HIPAA/Office of Civil Rights audit?  During this webinar, we will review business continuity, disaster plans and other security related safeguards.
The OCR is finishing their 2nd Audit protocol and the results will provide guidance for how they are going to approach the physician practice industry.  Having an actionable risk management plan will assurance that your practice minimizes its risk and liability.
PRESENTER: Todd McDonagh, MBA, Principal,HealthCare Compliance Network, LLC
Todd has been a C-suite executive at healthcare and compliance services companies for nearly two decades. As a former Physician Practice Manager and Nursing Home Administrator, he understands the necessary compliance operations of a healthcare business. He has given numerous webinars on healthcare regulatory compliance to various professional associations. He brings a keen understanding of software/app development, social media and search engine optimization to HealthCare Compliance Network from his past involvement with two Internet startups.
Todd has a BS from Northeastern University and a MBA in Healthcare Management from the University of Connecticut.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Girard School of Business at Merrimack College. He is also the Board Chair for Our Neighbor’s Table, a local non-profit focused on feeding the hungry in the Merrimack Valley.

DATE:   March 10, 2017
TOPIC: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Revenue Cycle Management
               Led by PA MGMA in Collaboration with the DE MGMA, VA MGMA, NY MGMA & MA/RI MGMA
OVERVIEW: The revenue “cycle” is just that, a cycle. A point by which the process begins, ends and perpetuates itself. In healthcare, the revenue cycle actually tells a story. This story is portrayed at each point in the downstream cycle from pre-patient registration to write-off to collections and/or bad debt. The story can be a fairy tale of solid business processes, robust and qualified staffing, and state of the art technology, all leading to a happy ending. Conversely, failure to effectively manage each point within this cycle can lead to a horror story direct from a Stephen King novel!
The goal is to navigate each RCM professional ‘page by page’ in this cycle leading to a happy ending. However, despite best efforts, each point in the cycle carries with it certain barriers that have an impact on the next downstream function. In many cases, hiccups in one point in the cycle can have an encompassing effect all the way through the cycle.
The purpose of this one hour presentation is to identify the various points in the revenue cycle, identify barriers that are hindrances to effectively moving on to the next stage, and propose solutions via the use of management techniques and analytics.
The proposed approach is interactive and should be effective in both learning what current processes are being deployed by participants, what the largest points of pain are and what solutions are being recommended by the presenter.
The ultimate outcome should be to enhance all measurable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) along the revenue cycle.
PRESENTER: Robert Feldman, Director of Business Development, Virtual Revenue Solutions
Robert has been in the RCM space for 30+ years, serving in both an operations capacity and in marketing/sales.  He has entrepreneurial experience having built two very successful RCM companies in South Florida.  He has served the small to mid size practice space for many years and understands the barriers and obstacles that these practices face, especially in light of the changing landscape.

DATE:   February 10, 2017
TOPIC: Dashboard Reporting
              Led by VA MGMA in Collaboration with the DE MGMA, PA MGMA, NY MGMA & MA/RI MGMA
OVERVIEW: This dashboard reporting program will cover key items to track on an ongoing basis to monitor best practices operations and efficiencies.  The most vital statistics to track allowing concise overviews and summaries to physicians and for Administrators' use to track ongoing health of the practice.  Marilyn will provide suggestions and tips as to the most critical stats and how to best put them together to generate reports on a comparative basis.  Her points of presentation will include tracking revenue streams, financial productivity by provider, comparison of payers, tracking stats by type of visits, schedule utilization, average revenue per visit, practice overhead, FTEs per physician and staff cost per physician, as well as benefits percentages of staffing costs. 
PRESENTER: Marilyn Kitchens, CPA, Senior Accountant, PBMares
Marilyn Kitchens rejoined PBMares in 2015 and is a member of the firm’s tax team. Marilyn’s original tenure with the firm (formerly PBGH, LLP) began in 1998 after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from Strayer University. Marilyn gained experience in tax preparation and planning, auditing, financial statement compilations, QuickBooks consulting and business startups but specialized primarily in physician practices and was a member of the Healthcare niche team. 
With her return to PBMares, Marilyn’s primary focus includes business consulting services and performing tax preparation, review and planning. She is currently involved with the firm’s development of medical practice consulting services to include practice benchmarking, overhead analysis and containment, information systems review and vendor selection, employee benefits and human resource policies, facilities planning, executive recruitment and operations reviews.
2016 Completed Calendar

DATE:   December 8, 2016
TOPIC:   People Like People Who Like People (and other secrets to succeeding in a CAHPS world)
                   Led by VA MGMA in Collaboration with the DE MGMA, PA MGMA, NY MGMA & MA/RI MGMA
OVERVIEW: This webinar is based upon the premise that quality care is caring care.  Even in our world of patients self-diagnosing their maladies via the internet, caring is still the key to a quality patient visit.  Medicare is integrating the patient’s perception of quality – the caring – into reimbursement, and it is important for practices to embrace caring care as an important and actionable quality metric.
CG-CAHPS, known by its friends as the Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, is one of several CAHPS instruments Medicare will be using to measure quality from the patient perspective.  The speaker will review the relevance of CAHPS to medical practices and provide an overview of the CG-CAHPS instrument.  He then will share simple but effective advice for earning high marks for caring care.
Lucien Roberts, III, MHA, FACMPE, Administrator
Gastrointestinal Specialists
Richmond, VA
Lucien is the administrator of Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc., a twenty-five provider private practice in Richmond, VA.   
He is past president of the Virginia MGMA, the Richmond MGMA and MGMA’s Neurosciences Administration Assembly.  He has chaired MGMA’s Government Affairs and Professional Papers Committees and is a past winner of MGMA’s top legislative advocacy award, an honor he accepted on behalf of his VMGMA colleagues.  He is an occasional contributor to Physicians Practice magazine and MGMA Executive View.

DATE:    November 18, 2016
TOPIC:  Motivating Employees
               Led by MA/RI MGMA in Collaboration with the DE MGMA, PA MGMA, NY MGMA & VA MGMA
OVERVIEW: Motivation is a desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal. Given the current state of the healthcare industry it is more important than ever to motivate your current staff to meet the needs of patients and reach productivity measures.
Topics included in presentation:
  * Internal Rewards vs. External Rewards
  * Theories on Motivation
  * Dealing with Tension and De-motivation
  * Increase Trust, Pride and Camaraderie Within Your Organization
Will Coz, Business Development Manager, Addison Group
Will joined Addison Group’s Healthcare team in Boston in 2014, and one of the original members. As a Business Development Manager, Will is responsible for expanding Addison Group’s footprint in the marketplace, finding solutions that work equally for both his clients and candidates. Over the course of his time at Addison Group, he has had over 650 meetings with hiring managers, all of which have been within the non-clinical sector of Healthcare. Will is focused on staying abreast of trends within the industry, and is on the board of two networking groups within New England, the Massachusetts Association for Patient Account Management and the Massachusetts Association for Health Management.

Ryan Whiteleather, Branch Manager, Addison Group
Ryan has been with Addison Group for over three years. After starting in the Chicago office, Ryan was promoted to open the Healthcare branch in Addison’s Boston office. As Branch Manager, Ryan’s top priority is helping Practice Managers and other non-clinical managers find the best talent in the market. Ryan has presented at AAHAM events in multiple markets and will be presenting at the National AAHAM event in Las Vegas this October. In addition to his involvement in AAHAM, Ryan has also presented at the Chicagoland MGMA, MAPAM, IL-AHIMA, and multiple AAPC chapters. In addition to connecting clients with top talent, Ryan is also responsible for the training and development of a team of business development managers and recruiters.

DATE:   Oct. 21, 2016 (Fri.)
TOPIC: Leadership Workshop
              Led by the MA/RI MGMA in Collaboration with the DE MGMA, PA MGMA, NY MGMA, and VA MGMA
PRESENTER : Will Coz & Ryan Whiteleather, Addison Healthcare
Leadership style and tactics are paramount to creating a healthy and successful working environment. Topics for this presentation include:
1) Being a Manager vs. Being a Leader
2) Being Memorable
3) Retention Strategies
4) Adapting to the Generation

Our goal for this presentation is to bring to light some of the most important qualities exceptional leaders have, and the tactics they employ to ensure their staff is happy and retained.

DATE:   Sept. 16, 2016 (Fri.)
TOPIC: Issues in Fair Market Determination in Health Care Contracts and Arrangements
                   Led by PA MGMA in collaboration with DE MGMA, NY MGMA, MA/RI MGMA and VA MGMA
PRESENTER: David Glusman, Partner, Marcum LLP
David Glusman heads the region's Advisory Practice (Litigation Support Services) and the Marital Dissolution Practice group. He is also a member of its National Healthcare Industry Practice, as well as the Firm's Modern Family & LGBT Services Practice Group. He provides various consulting services in the areas of forensic accounting, litigation support, auditing and tax. He has extensive experience in forensic accounting and business valuation, estate and trust analysis for high net worth individuals and in medical consulting for physician practices and hospital-physician related issues. He has also been involved in Medicare fraud and abuse issues, physician compensation models and information systems.
OVERVIEW: This webinar will review current methodologies, legislation and regulations impacting physician/hospital/healthcare providers' arrangements and demonstrate real work examples of how FMV can impact such arrangements and show examples of the government’s views of such deals.

DATE:   Aug 24, 2016 (Wed.)
TOPIC: Value Based Medicine: How to Navigate When the Horizon is Changing
PRESENTER: Gerard Filicko, MHA, CMPE
OVERVIEW: The landscape for medical practice management is undergoing a transformation based on a reorientation of the provider reimbursement model from FFS to “value-based care.”  This model is driven by a changing focus from Volume (getting paid for what you do) to Outcomes (getting paid for how well you did it.)  Providers who are unable to make this journey will undoubtedly see a material bottom-line impact on their medical practice.  Value-based care brings not only additional management pressures, but will require executives and physicians to develop new skill sets, embrace new technologies, consider innovative techniques to enhance their care delivery processes, and require engagement strategies to redefine the role of the patient in their own care.  This interactive webinar will:

  1. Highlight an overview of the VBC journey
  2. Outline typical barriers for VBC success at the practice level
  3. Review the demands of MACRA and the proposed future of MIPS/APM
  4. Offer innovative care coordination and practice redesign solutions to help you compete
  5. Introduce ideas for partnership opportunities to help you survive

PRESENTER BIO: Gerard Filicko, CMPE, currently moonlights as the Legislative Liaison for VMGMA.  He’s a frequent newsletter contributor and speaker at VMGMA conferences.  At last year’s MGMA National Conference, he presented a breakout session on ACO success factors for independent physicians.  In his day job, he’s responsible for market operations with Envera Health, a provider services organization based in Richmond.  He has over twenty-five years of experience improving the profitability of medical practices—which is surprising since he’s only 35.  At least, in his own mind.

DATE:   July 15, 2016 (Fri.) 
TOPIC: Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative
              Led by NY MGMA, in collaboration with DE MA/RI, PA & VA MGMA
Cindy Eiseman, Program Manager, HealthVisions Delmarva
Darlene M. Morris, MBA, CIPP, Director, Center for Improvement Science, Rhode Island Quality Institute
Ronald Adler, MD, FAAFP, Physician Lead, Clinician Recruitment & Engagement, Southern New England Practice Transformation Network
Virginia F. Brooks, MHA, CPHQ, Vice President, VHQC
OVERVIEW: This will be an opportunity to hear from Practice Transformation Networks (PTN) working to achieve health transformation through CMS' Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI). The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is designed to help clinicians achieve large-scale health transformation. The initiative is designed to support more than 140,000 clinician practices over the next four years in sharing, adapting and further developing their comprehensive quality improvement strategies. The initiative is one part of a strategy advanced by the Affordable Care Act to strengthen the quality of patient care ad spend health care dollars wisely. It aligns with the criteria for innovative models set forth in the Affordable Care Act:
*Promoting broad payment and practice reform in primary care and specialty care,
*Promoting care coordination between providers of services and suppliers,
*Establishing community-based health teams to support chronic care management and
*Promoting improved quality and reduced cost of developing a collaborative of institutions that support practice transformation.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched on June 10, 2016 the second round of the Support and Alignment Networks under the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI).

DATE:   May 11, 2016 (Wed.) 
TOPIC: The First and Last Day: A Legal Guide to Employee Orientation and Termination
OVERVIEW: An employee's first and last days of work present numerous opportunities and threats to the medical practice.  In this presentation, we will discuss the most essential elements of employee orientation and provide the steps to a relatively risk free termination of employment.
PRESENTER: Kim Daniel, Esq., Director
Kim’s practice is diverse in scope. She has defended employment law cases of every variety, including wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment, Fair Labor Standards Act matters, and non-competition disputes. Kim also regularly handles medical staff issues and hearings for healthcare entities and healthcare professionals.
PRESENTER: Jonathan Sumrell, Esq., Associate
Jonathan focuses on employment issues and assists clients in drafting and revising physician employment agreements, employee policies and procedures, and other operational policies. He handles investigations and federal and state litigation for all varieties of employment and healthcare-related disputes.



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