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Winter 2012

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Three leadership essentials for an exceptional service culture

Bills define surgery, improve patient care, create database

Follow the path to ACMPE certification and fellowship

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VMGMA 2012 Platinum Sponsor

Follow the path to ACMPE certification and fellowship

Exams, manuscripts prove proficiency

The ACMPE board-certification process is self-paced. Therefore, you can set a completion goal that fits your needs. Statistics show that half of ACMPE nominees earn their professional designation – Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) – within two years. ACMPE provides resources, support and camaraderie along the way.

There are four general competencies: professionalism; leadership; communication skills; and organizational and analytical skills.

There are eight domains: business operations, financial management, human-resource management, information management, organizational governance, patient-care systems, quality management and risk management.

Step 1. Eligibility requirements include a current membership in the Medical Group Management Association-ACMPE, and you must have two years of health-care management experience, including at least six months in a supervisory role.

Step 2.  The entry process consists of a one-time payment of $250 for the application fee and an application form documenting your eligibility requirements. You will receive official acceptance into the program when ACMPE verifies your eligibility.

Step 3.  Pass the objective exam. The objective exam is made up of 175 multiple-choice questions, and you are allotted three hours and 15 minutes. Upon passing, you will proceed to the next phase. The purpose of the exam is to test your knowledge and understanding of medical-practice management principles and the issues outlined in the Body of Knowledge.

The objective exam emphasizes Body of Knowledge domains in the following percentages:

Financial management


Business operations


Human-resource management


Information management


Organizational governance


Patient-care systems    


Quality management


Risk management


Passing score: 70% Cost: $165
Step 4. The purpose of the essay exam is to show your in-depth knowledge, your problem-solving and decision-making skills and your ability to communicate in writing. This portion of certification contains three essay questions based on critical incidents that require you to assess a situation and prescribe a course of action. You will have one hour and 30 minutes to complete this portion. You must receive a "B" to pass, and the cost is $165.

ACMPE offers computerized exams three times a year at more than 200 locations in the U.S.   You will receive your objective-exam results immediately and your essay results within eight weeks.  Paper exams are offered once a year and are proctored at the annual MGMA conference.

To advance, you will need to log 50 cumulative hours of continuing-education credits. Upon completing the requirements, you will earn board certification in medical-practice management and be able to use the CMPE designation. To maintain your status, you must remain a current member of MGMA-ACMPE and complete the 50-hour continuing-education maintenance requirement every three years. 

If you earn the designation of ACMPE Fellow (FACMPE), you attain the highest level of distinction in the medical-practice management profession. You will gain greater respect and recognition as a proven expert in your profession and have the ability to provide leadership and mentoring opportunities to your fellow colleagues. 

Step 5.  The fellowship program entry process consists of a one-time payment of $250 for the application fee, which is being waived through 2012, and an application form. You must write a professional paper or three case studies and meet the continuing-education requirements.

Fellowship demonstrates your proficiency to collect, assimilate and synthesize information into knowledge; your creation of a professional study defensible to peers; and your ability to communicate this achievement in writing in a clear, organized fashion. You may choose from two types of professional papers: an exploratory paper or a historical paper. Another option is to write three case studies on separate practice-management situations you have experienced. Case studies document your problem-solving and decision-making process. They include the background of the situation, alternative solutions to the situation with pros and cons, implementation of the chosen solution, your outcomes and your lessons learned.

Step 6.  There is a two-step submission process. After you submit your outline, you will receive either feedback or approval of your topic. Once your outline is approved, you may begin work on the manuscript. The second phase is submission of your completed manuscript.

Your outline and manuscript submissions are graded anonymously by teams of fellows on the ACMPE Professional Paper Committee. The committee will provide valuable feedback on this phase, if necessary. Upon completing the fellowship requirements, you will earn the Fellow in ACMPE (FACMPE) designation. With this designation, you will receive a certificate and plaque and be recognized at the MGMA annual conference. To maintain your status, you must comply with the 50-hour continuing-education requirement every three years.

In the state of Virginia we have:



Certified members




We also would like to congratulate the following:

New nominees in the last quarter of 2011: Andrea Bondi, Amy Lynch, Dorian Vonada, Amie Burrell and Martha Wooten. New certified member for the last quarter of 2011: Brenda Palmore. New certified member for January: John Allen Wiseman. 










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